Library Books

The books in the library of Balvant Parekh Centre cover a wide range of subjects and areas. Selected and put together with a lot of care, this collection is updated regularly. The library has general and specialized sections. Books from the general section comprising fiction, poetry, biography, autobiography, etc. could be borrowed by life members who are residents of Baroda; each member is entitled to borrow one book at a time for a period of maximum two weeks on payment of Rs. 250 as refundable deposit. Books from the specialized section are to be read in the library and cannot be borrowed.

Please note that the Centre does not allow Xeroxing of books of its Library since most of the books are paperback editions. Photocopying, besides being a violation of copyright laws, causes damage to books, especially to the binding. We regret the inconvenience.

The well-lit and spacious reading room of the library is open to the members of the Centre.



You may check the list of books for more information on the library collection:

Books: 1 to 500

Books: 501 to 1000

Books: 1001 to 1500

Books: 1501 to 2000

Books: 2001 to 2500

Books: 2501 to 3000

Books: 3001 to 3500

Books: 3501 to 3843