Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought

(ISSN: 2320-6195) 


Anekaant: A Journal of Polysemic Thought (ISSN: 2320-6195) is a refereed international journal published by Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences. Anekaant started as an annual Journal in March 2013. We have started bringing it out twice a year (Autumn and Spring) since 2016. Anekaant’s objective is to engage with ideas emanating from the discipline of General Semantics, and from other disciplines under the broad rubric of the human sciences. As the human sciences include several areas of thought and their application, the range of the Journal’s coverage is both open-ended and inclusive. It provides a forum for a dialogue among both scholars and non-scholars on topics of contemporary relevance that have some bearing on our everyday reality. Articles submitted for possible publication in the Journal must be written in a style devoid of academic jargon so that they are easily intelligible to general readers. It will also have a book-review section, where books related to the areas of the Journal’s concerns will be discussed.

Instructions for Contributors

Contributions should be simple English. We accept manuscripts for the general issues throughout the year. Preference is given to studies on general semantics, analytical papers on matters of contemporary relevance, general articles on science, environment, art, music, poetry, etc.  For special issues, the theme and the deadline for sending the articles will be published in the Journal and on Balvant Parekh Centre’s website. Manuscripts should be of 4500-7000 words. For research papers, please use the latest MLA style. Author’s name should appear on the cover page only. Please email your submissions in MS Word Format and address your queries to the editor (binisajil@gmail.com). Please attach an abstract (300 words), keywords and a brief bionote of the author (100 words) with the submission. All submissions to the journal will be evaluated by a team of referees. Those articles which receive favorable comments will be published.


Subscription Rates (for two issues)

Institution $25 Overseas; Rs. 500/- India

Individual $15 Overseas; Rs. 300/- India

For subscription, please send a cheque or DD favouring “Balvant Parekh Centre for GS and OHS” payable in Baroda along with the duly filled subscription form to the following address:

Editor, Anekaant, Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences

C-302, Siddhi Vinayak Complex, Faramji Road, Behind the Railway Station

 Baroda-390007, Gujarat, India

 If you wish to transfer the subscription fee directly into our account, please get in touch with our fiscal/admin officer, Mr. Ajay Menon (menonajay1953@gmail.com) for the account details.


Details of Back Issues

Number 1, 2013

Number 2, 2014

Number 3, 2015

Number 4, 2016-17 (Autumn)

Number 5, 2016-17 (Spring)

Number 6, 2017-18 (Autumn): Special Issue on “Time-Binding: Modes of Synthesis, Subversion and Innovation”

Number 7, 2017-18 (Spring) :  Special Issue on "Gandhi and Time-Binding: Interface Between Principles and Practices"

Number 9, 2018-19 (Spring):   General Issue

Number 11, 2019-20 (Spring) :  Special Issue on "General Semantics and Indian Philosophical Thought: A Comparative Approach"

Number 12, 2020-21 (Autumn): Special Issue on "General Semantics and Media Ecology"