Upcoming Events 

BPC Programs

VIII Balvant Parekh Memorial Lecture on 12 December, 2022


The BP Memorial Lecture and Symposium scheduled to be held on 12 Dec. 2022 is shifted to 13 Dec. 2022 at 2 pm and symposium after the lecture due to change in flight schedule of Prof. Roland Greene

Inauguration of the BKP Special Collection of  Books on 12 December 2022

Symposium on “The Humanities and Democracy in a Time of Danger”  - 13 December 2022

International Conference on World War I; Modernism(s); and Time Binding:  27 – 28 January 2023

FCT Programs

25th FCT International Conference : 20-22 December 2022

National Seminar on “The Politics of Compassion: Lincoln, Marti, Gandhi, King, Mandela”  24- 26 March 2023




Past Events:

2-Day National Seminar on 25-26 March 2022: “Practicing Silence: An Inquiry into a Mode of Communication”

Program Schedule: 25-26 March 2022 Surat Seminar

Program on 28-3-2022: Conversation Around a Book "CRITICAL HUMANITIES ACROSS CULTURES"

Program on 5 - 6 April  2022 (Revised dates) : National Seminar on Mahabharata Multilogue: Reading Epic Polyphony

Brochure for Mahabharata Seminar

Balvant Parekh Distinguished Lecture on 6-4-2022

21-3-2022 Program Poster: "A Symposium on Performing Silence"

21-3-2022 Program Banner: "Performing Silence: A Symposium"

Program on 30-10-2021:  A One-day National Seminar on "Alfred Korzybski’s Manhood of Humanity"

Program Schedule "Manhood of Humanity"

Program on 18-10-2021: Conversation around a Book named "Critical Zones : The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth"

Program on 26 - 27 August 2021: "A 2-day Seminar on Radical General Semantics"

Program on 16-7-2021: Conversation around a Book named "The Plague"

Program on 28-7-2021: Conversation around a Book named" Thinking, Fast and Slow"

Program on 15-7-2022: Occasional Lecture by Amitabha Das Gupta



First Lecture by Dr. Bini B.S. on 26 July 2019 Topic: “Structural Differential and Consciousness of Abstracting”

Second Lecture by Dr. Bini B.S. on 13th August 2019 Topic: "Key Concepts of General Semantics: Extensional Devices and Thalamo-Cortical Integration"

Third Lecture by Dr. Reena Ashem on 22 August 2019 Topic: "Key Concepts of General Semantics"

Fourth Lecture by Prof. Prafulla Kar on 6 September 2019 Topic: Key concepts of General Semantics "Time-Binding"

Fifth Lecture by Dr. Gananath Dash on 20-9-2019 Topic:  “Critical Thinking and General Semantics”

Sixth Lecture by Mr. Piyush Thakkar on 4 October 2019 Topic: “Reading Poetry in the Light of S. I. Hayakawa’s Views on Affective Communication”

Seventh Lecture by Tonisha Guin on 22 November 2019 Topic: "What becomes the Bhadralok: Time-Binding Difference"